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Company Profile

The Agro Division of BETRUST is managed by a professional team who has more than 20 years experience in Agro industries. We focus on supply chain optimization in agro industries for our clients in terms of products i.e. Agrochemical intermediates, Agrochemical technicals, formulation, plant growth regulators as well as fertilizer. We work as clients' China office and extended arms to optimize their benefit by reducing the purchase cost& risk,improving the quality control& supply stability.


秉信实业(深圳)有限公司-农化事业部 专注于各类农化产品的出口业务, 出口产品涵盖 农化中间体, 农化原药,制剂,生长调节剂,多种新型肥料等产品。 我公司愿与优质的供应商竭诚交流,秉信合作,互惠共赢。

Main Products

Dinotefuran,Lufenuron,Clothianidin,Nitenpyram,Matrine,Emamectin Benozate,Abamectin,Gibberellic acide(GA4),1-naphthyl acetic acide(NAA),Indol-3-yl acetic acide(IAA),6-benzolamino-purine,Paclobutrazol,Sodium nitrophenolate,Brassinolide(BR),Micronutrients fertilizer,Calcium nitrate,Calcium chloride,Biostimulant,Organic fertilizer,Soil conditioner,potassium humate,sodium humate ,humic acid,fulvic acid ,seaweed fertilizer,amino acid,water soluble npk fertilizer