Limin Chemical to launch annual 500-ton spinosad project

Limin Chemical to launch annual 500-ton spinosad project


On 30th May, Limin Chemical announced that its subsidiary, Inner Mongolia New Veyong Biochemical, obtained approval for its environmental impact assessment report related to its green bio-product production project, issued by the Ordos Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment in China.


According to the approval, Inner Mongolia New Veyong Biochemical can launch its chemical project in Sanliang Park, Dalate Economic Development Zone, Ordos City, covering 500-ton spinosad, 500-ton tylosin and 500-ton pleuromutilin production lines. The total investment in the project is expected to be Yuan1.0395 billion, of which spending on environmental protection is estimated at Yuan226.55 million.


China’s top 100 pesticide companies

Posted: Jul 27,2020

The list of 2020 China's top 100 pesticide companies was released by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA). It was based on the sales of year 2019 of participating companies. Hebei Veyong Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. ranked 26th with sales of RMB 1.96 billion.

Construction begins on Inner Mongolia New Veyong’s annual 500-ton emamectin benzoate project


On April 2, Inner Mongolia New Veyong Biochemical held a commencement ceremony to signal the start of the construction of its 500-ton emamectin benzoate project in China.


Inner Mongolia New Veyong is committed to the innovation of biotechnology and protection of the environment through the creation of green products and provision of eco-agricultural services, backed by the emamectin benzoate product, which will become a featured product of the company. The emamectin benzoate product is a newly synthetic product added to the product range of the company, which is an important reflection of the company's product line expansion and enhancement of its differentiated competitive edge, showing that the business of the company is moving from single biological fermentation to chemical synthesis. 


The project office is responsible for the civil works of the Inner Mongolia New Veyong project—an annual 500-ton emamectin benzoate production facility. The project office is prepared to dedicatedly undertake the construction activities with full devotion to ensure the project quality and work safety. With this effort, the project office will be able to complete the construction of the project on schedule, which is a contribution to the circular economic development and ecological protection.