Taking a 'specialized, refined, featured and novel' approach to become a hidden champion – Shandong Hailir Chemical

Taking a 'specialized, refined, featured and novel' approach to become a hidden champion – Shandong Hailir Chemical


On October 12, 2019,  Shandong Hailir Chemical was awarded the honorary title of “specialized, refined, featured and novel enterprise”, following recommendation by the municipal government and evaluation by a third-party. 


The title of “specialized, refined, featured and novel enterprise” is given to SMEs that take the lead in effective action and demonstration of economic growth, technical innovation, tax contribution, employment promotion and improvement to the livelihood of people. 


Shandong Hailir Chemical is an affiliated company of the Shandong Hailir Group, engaged in the research and production of 2-chloro-5-(chloromethyl) pyridine, imidacloprid, acetamiprid, azoxystrobin, thiamethoxam, clothianidin and prothioconazole. It is the largest imidacloprid and acetamiprid production base in Asia, as well as the largest prothioconazole production base in China.


In recent years, as guided by the policies of Shandong Province which encourages enterprises to focus on the development of the main industries, the build-up of strengths and establishment of innovative abilities, the company is concentrating on the research and production of the pesticide technical, as well as the development of the segmented market while focusing on the development of featured products through innovation. As a result, the company could realize a rapid growth based on the past "small scale and many kinds of product" business model right to the present "specialized and characteristic product" business model, which has ensured the rapid growth of the company.


The term “specialized, refined, featured and novel enterprise” is defined as follows:


Specialized: Focusing on a core business, which enhances the capacity of specialized production, service and collaboration.


Refined: Referring to refined production, refined management and refined service, which allows the company to maintain superiority in a specific market by virtue of cost-effective and high-quality products and services.


Featured: Utilizing characteristic resources, a distinctive process, technology, formula or raw material to develop and produce characteristic products unique to the company or to the local region.


Novel: Using technical innovation, management innovation and business model innovation to cultivate a new source of growth, which gives the company a new competitive edge.


Shandong Hailir Chemical is committed to focusing on crop science and serving global agriculture, being dedicated to contributing to the human world via innovations.