Hailir’s prothioconazole EU equivalence determined

Hailir’s prothioconazole EU equivalence determined


AGROPAGES learned from China’s Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group that following the certification of pyraclostrobin, another product, prothioconazole technical of Hailir, also received EU equivalence determination, which paves the way for the product to access the EU market. 


Prothioconazole is a novel and broad-spectrum triazolethione fungicide, which is not only systemic, but also has outstanding functions of protection, curatives and eradication, with a long-lasting effect and yield-increasing effect. Since its market release in 2004, global sales of the product in 2016 reached $790 million, ranking in secondplace in the fungicide market. Today, its market covers more than 60 countries, mainly in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, UK and US.


The patent for prothioconazole in China expired on 7th November 2015. After a long process of technical synthesis, formulation preparations, thousands of experiments and evaluations pertaining to product chemistry, toxicology, efficacy, residue control and environmental impact, the registration of the product was finally approved in China. As being among the first number of manufacturers that have been awarded the registration, Hailir obtained both registrations of prothioconazole technical and formulation. 


In late March, Hailir held a product launch ceremony in Henan Province for its Lijian (40% prothioconazole + tebuconazole SC), which is expected to become a star product to be used for control of wheat scab, powdery mildew and rust disease. At present, Hailir’s “2,000-ton prothioconazole technical and multi-purpose workshop project” is progressing smoothly. The successful EU equivalence determination will further expand the sales of the product in the international market.


Some time ago, Ge Yaolun, the board chairman of Hailir, said that Hailir would establish prothioconazole as a strategic product of the company, allowing it access to more countries. Hailir has also initiated its registration process in the US, Brazil, Argentina and Australia, as it prepares for entry to broad international markets.